We have been providing our security services since 1975 and are highly qualified to meet your evolving needs to keep your home and workplace secure.

Residential & Commercial Security

Solutions to make your home or workplace safe.

24-hour Monitoring

Around the clock protection because you never know when you’ll need it.


Protect the reliability and integrity of your network and data.

Full Range of Security Services for Every Market

With 40 years of experience and customer satisfaction under our belt, Marlin Security is ready to tackle your needs with our cost-effective yet quality expertise.


We Meet the Most Demanding Security Requirements

Our solutions provide the most efficient ways to provide surveillance around the clock so you can rest easy at night or when away.


Quick and Reliable Response

Our professionals take care of you, your loved ones and your belongings as soon as an alarm is triggered.


Meeting your Security Visual Requirements

Ensure protection against intrusions, robberies, sabotage, invasion of privacy, or other crimes by digital recording throughout a wide range of buildings and industries.


Security Devices

Choose from a wide range of devices such as swipe cards, entry keypads, biometric devices and more to control access within facilities.


Keep Your Home and Business Transactions Private

We keep updated on technological advances to prevent attacks by rapidly evolving risks to your valuable data.